Mrs. Allison Wappler » Welcome to Mrs. Wappler's Class

Welcome to Mrs. Wappler's Class

Welcome to students and families. My name is Mrs. Wappler and I will be your 2nd grade Math teacher. This year we have changed our grading periods to four 9 weeks sections. 
My Conference Time is: 10:25-11:10
My goal is for student, families, and me as your teacher to walk away from this year feeling totally successful, that we have all done our job to the very best of our ability. 
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Whelan, Brandi (2nd grade) / Class Schedule
Time Subject
8:30-9:35 Wappler - - Math
9:35-10:25 Jones-Bates - - Reading/Phonics
(PE - W,TH; Music - F; Lab - M; Library - TU)
11:15-11:45 Lunch
11:40-12:00 Jones-Bates - - Reading/Phonics
12:00-1:05 Wagner - - ELA(Writing/Handwriting)
1:05-2:10 Sams - - Science
2:10-3:15 Pugh - - Social Studies
3:15-3:25 Wrap-Up
MCC Academy

1      Clear/Mesh Backpack- regular size

1      Large Pencil bags w/zippers (NO BOXES)

1      Inch/ Centimeter Rulers

1      3 Pack Pink Pearl Erasers

1      Pack 48 count #2 Pencils or 1 pack of Mechanical Pencils 24 count with lead 0.7mm

2      Box 24 count Crayons

6      Small Glue Sticks or 3 Large Glue Sticks

1      Pair Blunt tip Fiskar Scissors

2      Packs White Copy Paper 500 count

2      100 count wide rule Notebook paper

3      Folders w/Brads and Pockets

3      100 count Wide Rule Composition Books (Only, No SPIRALS)

4      Boxes Kleenex

3      Lysol Wipes

1      Can of Lysol Aerosol Spray

1      Gallon Ziplock Bags

1     Quart Ziplock Bags

2     Bottles of Germ-X 40FL (Large Bottle)

1     pair Ear Buds

1     Box 50 count of Disposable Facial Masks or 2 Cloth Masks Daily (Masks must be worn daily and replaced when wet)

1      Wifi capable device a Tablet, Chromebook, or Laptop (NOT A CELLPHONE)

Grading Policy - Glen Arden Elementary
Grading Distributions
- Major Tests and Projects (30%)
(Unit Tests Unit Projects, Assigned Presentation, etc.)
-Minor Assignments (70%)
(Notebook Grades, Journal Work, Daily Work, Warm-Up, Quizzes,
Video Exercises, Homework, Waterford, Brain Pops, ImagineMath, etc.)
Grading Scale
                                                                         A:   90 -100
                                                                         B:   80 - 89
                                                                         C:   75 - 79
                                                                         D:   70 - 74
                                                                         F:   69 or below


Makeup Policy

Students may make-up work, test or assessments for excused absences upon returning to school according to the district policy.

It is the responsibility of the students and/or parent to request make-up work and submit to the teacher within 2 days of the absence. 

Abrams Elementary: Parent Contact Information
Parents please contact through
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